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To Limitless Freedom Dogs
Meet the Team

Linsey Cravens is the Owner & Lead Trainer of Limitless Freedom Dogs. She had a passion and a way with animals from a very young age. As she grew she began to learn wherever she could. She watched videos, read books, and began training basic obedience with every dog in her life (this included neighbors dogs, family member's pets, and her own dogs). In high school Linsey began to tip toe into the service dog world when she did a graduation project on the breeding, raising, and training of service dogs. Linsey even had planned to raise a puppy through a local chapter of guide dog puppy raisers. Unfortunately, the school decided to cancel the second part of these projects and considered reinstating the project two years after she graduated.

Meet Linsey, Harley, & Sesame


This didn't stop Linsey from learning everything she could. She began volunteering with some local trainers to observe & assist in board & trains, private sessions, and started dogs. She even began training her dog Salem to guide her off to the side of the street when he heard a car. As her anxiety disorder resurfaced she taught her beagle, Squirt, to interrupt anxious behaviors and meltdown/cry response. In college, Linsey's fire was relit when she began walking Fenris & Hagar (two am-staffs). When she started working with them they had to be drug across the street, leashes cinched up tight, if they saw another dog and they sounded like they could kill. Linsey quickly figured out that Fenris was dog friendly and that Hagar was reactive. When their family moved to another state the boys could sit calmly while dogs passed and both would offer a great focus! Linsey also volunteered with several local shelters to teach basic obedience and leash manners to their dogs. She even got to watch a long timer of hers get adopted because she could be walked by anyone after Linsey and her worked together. She also taught obedience privately for several years to a select group of clients.

When Linsey became disabled, after a virus trigged some severely debilitating conditions, she felt defeated. Medication and therapies weren't enough and she was desperate for even a smidge of the independence she had lost. She started training her personal service dog, Harley (pictured) to assist her. Over the five years of training Harley, Linsey has been asked, and was able to work hands-on with over five dozen teams across Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. With more and more teams turning to Linsey for help she created Limitless Freedom Dogs to be an affordable option for owner-trained teams to get the professional help they desperately need. Since then she has expanded Limitless Freedom Dogs to include started service dogs, trainer-assisted raising, and fully trained dogs. Linsey has continued to work with companion dogs as well because she says every dog teaches her something. Pet dogs have a unique set of issues that really challenge her to find answers outside of the box.

Linsey prides herself in being a LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) trainer who uses a delicate balance of the four quadrants to give each dog exactly the right amount of positive reinforcers, accountability, and freedom to allow the dog and it's family to enjoy life to the fullest! With the help of her girlfriend (yes as in romantic relationship) she is able to do far more than before.

Linsey began training Harley's successor, Sesame Grace, in 2021 after Sesame chose Linsey. It is undeniable when you spend time with them that Sesame was made for Linsey, it just took Linsey longer to see it than those around her. 


Meet Hannah, Luna, & Koda

Hannah is a volunteer, trainer assistant here at LFD. She comes along on outings when she can and is always there to help lend a hand by handling my personal service dog, taking pictures/videos, and helps take notes when my cognitive dysfunction is working against me.

Hannah trained her personal service dog, Luna, on her own. Hannah wants to learn more so she can be more active in the hands on training of the dogs we call Lifelines.

In 2021, after Luna went through a life-altering medical procedure that left her unable to eat solid food, Hannah was matched with her current service dog in training Koda. Koda was a rehome we took in after having worked with her in 2019. We knew when we took her in that she was a special pup and after a month of settling into life here with us we began testing Koda's temperament for service work. After Hannah and Koda began working together it was very clear they were a perfect match. Thanks to Koda we were able to focus on getting Luna specialty care, two subsequent surgeries, and she regained her quality of life. Luna has chosen that she enjoys the retired life and although she will be allowed to work occasionally when she insists on it, Koda has stepped up to fill Luna's shoes.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy (& our why)


Here at Limitless Freedom Dog Training, our goal is to create partnerships, between dogs and handlers, to not only have an enjoyable dog but to be able to live as independently as possible with their help. We specialize in service dog training and although we have some obedience clients they are not why we exist. We chose the name, "Limitless Freedom" because it describes what these service dogs do for their handlers; They bring back freedom and independence that many of us never thought was possible. Although there are some things we train the same, each team has a training plan dedicated to them and how to give that handler back more freedom. I use my time of teaching children to benefit my clients! Some thrive on one method/tool while others may not. We NEVER force a client to use a training tool on their dog but are always happy to introduce, fit, and teach you how to use them effectively. We are always learning, using different styles of training if it means helping our teams succeed! 


Bringing your dog to LFD makes you part of our family. We treat every dog and person that comes through our doors like family. When your dog comes here for training we want you to know that we treat them like our own. 

Want to live life again without limitations...? Are you ready to do everything you can to help your dog?


Drop-off/Pick-up Daytime Training


This service is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You must commit to 4 sessions to book. Dogs will have social time, group training, and one on one training with Linsey or a member of our team.

Virtual Training Sessions


This is for those times where you need to talk out problem areas, trainer is live and helps refine skills the team is working on. This is also for those who are too far to join us in person.

Private Training Sessions


This is for one hour of private instruction with our trainer. This can be held in-home or in a public environment, whichever best suits the need for the purpose of the session. 

Group Classes


We offer a variety of group classes throughout the year including CGC prep class, AKC STAR puppy class, obedience, trick, & service dog public access.

Board & Train


This service is provided for dogs to come into our home, train every day, live in a very structured environment in order to advance in obedience, manners, public access (for service dogs only), task training, etc. We also offer behavior modification for reactivity, excitability, and more. Message us today to schedule an evaluation!

Client Spotlight


Anna & Service Dog Pearl

Anna & Pearl were matched through our program in 2021. It was abundantly clear when they met that Pearl and Anna seemed to both know they were a team. Pearl's training was continued at that time to train for tasks that Anna specifically needed. As they neared graduation they began spending more time together outside of our teams supervision with instructions on what to work on so we could ensure she was tasking and behaving appropriately when we were not present. Anna and Pearl started student teaching in Fall 2021 and we couldn't have been prouder of them! In December of 2021 they graduated from Wingate University and walked for their diploma together. Anna & Pearl graduated our program when they passed their certification in October 2021. We continue to follow up with them, and help them through any trouble spots they have along the way.

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