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The Rehome Project


Pearl (black poodle) graduated as a fully trained service dog through LFSD in 2021. She is a fantastic service dog and just what her mom needed. Koda (black lab) we took in April 2021 and she is set to graduate late 2022. And Chance (chocolate lab) completed his obedience board & train before going to live with his mom. He will be back later this year for more training. 

What about dogs that don't make it as service dogs? Well, we help make the best decision for them and find them a home that can meet their needs, and love them for the rest of their lives. 


Here at Limitless Freedom Dog Training we understand that sometimes families who have committed to a new pup find out that even with hard, consistent work that they ended up with a dog that they aren't able to adequately meet the dog's needs everyday. 

These families turn to the internet to find potential homes. We started the Rehome Project to help young dogs that need to find their forever homes who have the potential to be service dogs. Their families are making a hard decision and we do not let that go lightly. We evaluate the dogs, and then put them through a rigorous training program. We have successfully done this with three dogs at this point. We evaluate the dogs, spend a lot of time getting to know them and their families and then for the ones that have a chance we get a clean bill of health before they come into the program. 

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