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Limitless Freedom Service Dogs

Here at Limitless Freedom Dog Training we specialize in training service dogs for individuals with disabilities so that they can return to living a life of independence. We have trained service dogs for medical alert and response, autism, pyschiatric disabilities, PTSD, multipurpose, hearing alert, allergen detection, and mobility.


Although we have trained dogs for all of these disabilities we predominantly train and place medical alert and response dogs, psychiatric service dogs, and mobility assistance dogs. This includes multipurpose dogs whose main job falls under one of these subcategories.

We have several different tracks that individuals follow. We offer a limited number of fully trained service dogs that are raised in our home with the assistance of puppy raisers, at times in their lives, and are placed roughly at 2-2.5 years of age. These dogs receive lifetime training as long as clients are keeping their dogs training up, working them appropriately, and caring for them efficiently. This means if two years down the road your pup has a bad experience that ends up needing some help to get back to where they were your pup not only will receive follow-up and in-person or virtual training but also can come back for board & trains. 

The most popular track that we have is our owner-trained program where we assist individuals in the raising, training, and working of their dogs. Some of these teams do board & trains to help with big issues, regular visits either in person or virtual, and often need some extra support along the way. We build a community both in person and online and our teams are connected with other safe teams to work and train with who also completely understand what the others are going through. We help teams learn about public access training, working etiquette, burnout, fear periods, slow is fast, and support them because training your own service dog is REALLY HARD! 

Our last option is a started service dog. We offer dogs that are obedience trained, are well practiced in public access, have excellent manners, and we know what work these dogs want to do through extensive testing with basic task training. 

Need a service dog? Or you want to work with puppies and help prepare them to truly change someone else's life? Follow the hyperlinks below and fill out the appropriate google form and someone will contact you soon. If you have additional questions or interests please fill out the contact form at the end of every page.

Thank you!

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