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Welcome to the Rewarding, Fun Work that is Puppy Raising

As we continue to grow and expand Limitless Freedom's reach and impact on our community we need your help! As a disabled individual myself I am limited to how many dogs I can care for full time. So working with puppy raisers to help maintain skills and environmental work with these puppies and supporting them closely to ensure the pups needs are met and that they are meeting their training goals until it is time for their formal task training and placement is critical. We know it can be hard because we fall in love with them too but seeing them change (and sometimes truly save) their handlers lives makes it a little easier. All of our raisers are connected with their pups placements if they would like to be because we want the new handlers to be able to ask questions and build a relationship with you. 

We provide basic essentials for every puppy including their training gear and tools. When we can we also cover food and vet care. We provide you with a raising manual that will help you trouble shoot things along the way and give you the "rules" of raising. We offer a variety of commitment options and are looking to grow our puppy raiser list so we can accommodate more pups. We hold monthly puppy raiser meetings where we help set goals for your pup for the following month, do a group lesson, and offer each other support. This also gives us the opportunity to build a community of raisers.

To join our awesome group of puppy raisers please fill out the google form linked below and we will be in touch!


Owner/Lead Trainer

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