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What can be done to help?!

Do you find yourself wanting to do something to help but you can't volunteer to be a puppy raiser? We have a few other ways that you can help us continue to change lives and to bring these highly trained service dogs to more people and to lower their costs.

1. We have an amazon wishlist where we share items that we need, or could use to better care for the in training pups. These include travel crates, enrichment items, travel necessities, and more. Highest priority items are the ones we need ASAP.

2. Since Linsey makes all the gear for the service dogs in our program she often has to buy supplies. If you would like to donate buckles, strapping, fabric, etc. ask Linsey what we currently need and she can send you links to some items. This helps us to cut down on cost. 

3. Share our posts when we are looking for items, when we introduce new dogs, when we put out that we are looking for volunteers, etc. Getting the word out there is half the battle. 

4. Volunteer to come walk a dog or help us do some maintenance cleaning. Being disabled herself, Linsey is not always able to physically handle everything that she normally does so having volunteers to socialize with our pups, walk them, come on outings with us, and to help clean crates, bowls, etc is all super helpful. Know someone who wants to volunteer or you would like to yourself? TEXT the number at the top right of the screen. 

5. If you have worked with us for help training your dog please post reviews on our facebook page, google page for Limitless Freedom Dog Training, etc. Be honest and share what makes us different and how we made you feel like part of the family.

6. The last way you can help us is to purchase t-shirt, and other clothing items we sell on our tee spring store front. Any profits go directly into our service dog fund. PLUS it helps get our name out there more.

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